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Arte Arcana

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Arte Divina highlighted divinity and the holy act of creativity. Arte Arcana focus on the dark side of the arts from whatever philosophical source artists draw their inspiration. Speaking across cultures and traditions is difficult to say what can be considered "dark". We invite artists to share their visions, interpretations, critiques, thoughts and discussions.

'Arte Arcana' In numbers
100 artists
220 pages
Hardback gloss finish
White high gloss 200gsm pages
Hand numbered and embossed
Strictly limited to 200 copies

Presell now open for spring release

Participating artists more to TBC

Andrej Bartulovic
Angelo Roccagli
Arjen Kunnen
Artūrs Bērziņš
Bahrull Marta
Björn Gooßes
Brian Sheehan
Brian D'Agosta
Caio Caldas
Carlos Fides
Christophe Szpajdel
Claudio Bergamin
Colin Marks
Daniele Valeriani
David M. Brinley
Diego Gedoz De Souza
Dixon Jong
Fabiano Gagliano
Francesco Gemelli
Gediminas Kiaunė (Manum Diaboli Art)
Gianluca Gambino
Giannis Nakos
Gyula Havancsák
Hans Trasid
Héctor Pineda
Juha Vuorma
Justin Meyers
Ken Sarafin
Mark Riddick
Metal Artworks
Mike Hrubovcak
Mike Redman
Putrefurnaced Guerrilla Sketches
Timon Kokott
Vagelis Petikas
Vincent Fouquet
Vladimir 'Smerdulak' Chebakov