Heavy Music Artwork


Fire & Fantasy

Image of Fire & Fantasy

Heavy Music Artwork 6th installation: Fire & Fantasy is centred around the concept of fantasy, imagination and escapism. No other genre of music explicitly displays such enthusiasm and passion for the fantastical. Both sombre and bright visions adorn album covers. And it goes without saying that bands share the same commitment to their music and lyrics. But we also ask, in the end, what makes metal real? We have taken the following artist into the rabbit hole: Arch Enemy, The Black Dahlia Murder, Thy Art Is Murder, Cradle of Filth, Alestorm, Wintersun, Belphegor, Accept, Enslaved, Dan Goldsworthy, Peter Sallai, Gogo Melone, Claudio Bergamin, Peter Mohrbacher, Kris Verwimp, Andrei, Jean-Pascal Fournier, Alex Reisfar.

Ethically sourced and FSC approved and using vegetable based inks
Limited edition of 666 units hand numbered and stamp embossed
Perfect PUR binding on 250gsm (cover) Offset Paper
100 pages